About Prāzbar

Prāzbar is a wine shop exclusive to DeAlcoholized, Non-Alcoholic & Zero-Proof Wine.
Our motto: "We're here for all the reasons you’re alcohol-free."

Our mission is to ensure Chicagoland residents can easily and locally access the best non-alcoholic, zero-proof wine products in the world - vetted and curated - in one place, Prazbar.

Our vision is to become the top-trusted source for drinkers and non-drinkers looking for, domestic and international, alternative wine options.

Our values: Quality, Accessibility & Diversity

  • Quality: We are committed to creating processes and best practices for curating and vetting products to ensure the best-tasting and most-efficiently produced non-alcoholic wine options are included in our collection.
  • Accessibility: We want to ensure the best-possible non-alcoholic wine options are readily available for everyone. We are committed to using digital and traditional reach-methods for all audiences.
  • Diversity: Having a wide range of product options to serve a wide range of people, across demographics, is important to us.


Prazbar is a pioneer in Chicago’s new-age zero proof movement.

Incorporated in October 2021, Prazbar is Chicago’s first entity to host social experiences exclusive to the sell and on-site consumption of zero-proof spirit alternatives and non-alcoholic wine products.

In January 2022, Prazbar launched a series of pop-up bars and tasting events exclusive to the enjoyment and awareness of zero-proof spirit alternatives and non-alcoholic wine products. Throughout, Prazbar’s zero-proof movement also has included online sales and local delivery of zero-proof beverages across Chicagoland and the United States via prazbar.com. 

In January 2023, Prazbar aimed its focus primarily on establishing a culture of education and enjoyment for anyone seeking alternative wine options.

Our goal for 2023-24 is to open the nation’s first non-alcoholic wine bar.

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